A project cycle designed for collaboration

Pair programming is not just our mode for working – it's how we structure our partner relationships throughout every project. Our approach is designed around dialogue – to uncover needs, prioritize strategically, and impart our methodology to your team.


Starting at the end helps us know how to begin. Before we write a single line of code, we have to articulate what we're trying to accomplish. We use targeted and measurable goals to inform how we approach the work ahead of us. Together we look at what you want to build and, more importantly, how it will impact your business.


Once we know how much work is on the docket, we can start to strategize. We create a framework for the human practicalities of what we're aiming to do. This creates a clear picture of how we can best work together to meet your goals.


At the heart of this conversation is a simple question: How can we be successful? We mark the beginning of every project with an informational session to define goals, ask the hard questions, put our goals under the proverbial microscope, and prioritize the immediate tasks at hand. You can think of it as a day-long transfer of knowledge so that we can get to work the very next day.

Iterative Workflow

Design Research

Unknowns are a given. Answers are not. Our research improves the overall design and function of the products we build–by validating our ideas with the people who matter.

Product Delivery

Pair programming is the manifestation of our philosophy that coding is not an isolated endeavor. Working in pairs strengthens the skills of everyone on our team and boosts the overall quality of our work. All day every day, two people are working together to solve exactly one problem at a time. Through partnership and careful prioritization, our products are useful on day one and continue to get better over time.


Every person on our team has a unique point of view and each voice is valuable to the group as a whole. We set aside dedicated time for reflection every week – a chance for everyone to come together to discuss challenges and successes both. Communication isn't reserved for completing project tasks alone – active listening, inclusivity, and understanding are vital tools day in and day out.

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